Descaling Not Working – Cup Selection Problems

Photo of the screw that holds the right side of the handle on




April 24, 2015


Attempted to use White Vinegar.  Button for small cup does not turn on.  Pressed button for large cup, nothing came out. Help!!


A break down of a Keurig during or at the start of a descaling process is more common than one would think. We must receive at least one email a week relating to this type of problem and how to overcome it.

The most effective method we have found so far, to get people back to making coffee, is the Keurig Burp. We have a short article taking you through this process. As this guide explains, what the slap attempts to do is get the solenoid or air pump back into action as either its signal has failed or it has managed to jam itself.

If solution one doesn’t work then an air pump and / or solenoid replacement will often work and bring a new lease of life back to your “trusty” Keurig. We have two separate guides covering this type of repair and both can be found on our main repair guide page.

The other issue that Dave raises in terms of the small cup selection now not working is covered in another article we have setting out a range of possible solutions, including the couple we mention above here.

As a final note on the descaling process as a whole, we personally no longer use vinegar for our Keurig brewer – or any other of our other coffee makers for that matter. Instead we have started using a descale product made by Bosch. We have found this excellent and now recommend it to our friends. Since swapping to it we have seen better cleaning results and so far no more descaling problems with our B60 (we started using it straight away with our new K550).

Bosch Original Tassimo Descaling Tablets