Machine Won’t Brew

Photo of the feed through of the black and red air pump wires




April 24, 2015


I had the machine for 18 months with no problems till yesterday. I went to brew a cup and only one light was on and it said it was brewing but no coffee ever came out. I turned the machine off and it did brew a cup but today nothing at all. There is only one light on so what can I do?


The problem that Kristy describes is a common fault that Keurig machines will often develop as they get older (although one would expect it to still be working after only 18 months). In our solutions article addressing this particular problem we suggest three solutions that might help over come it. The first is the handle position and it clicking into place correctly: this doesn’t sound like the issue with Kristy’s brewer. Although some times the underlying micro switch that sits under the handle can develop a fault and its replacement will fix this issue (click here for review of our repair guide). The thing to listen out for is the “click” sound that it should make when the handle is placed down into the closed position.

Photo of the cover of the top assembly and the handle being put back into place

The second solution is applying back pressure to the air system. Although this is only a temporary fix and in the end generally won’t solve the underlying cause.

Photo of the air outlet being held

The third solution, which does involve some work, is the replacement of the brewer’s solenoid unit. We have a guide that helps readers through this fix and once completed will give your Keurig a new lease of life – and for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Photo of a solenoid attached to a Keurig B60 coffee machine