K Cup Holder Needle Replacement

Photo of a Keurig K-Cup B60 Holder




I messaged you quite some time ago about the needle in my K cup holder. It just broke off one day. Could you please send me a new one?


We are sorry for missing Doreen’s initial email to us … its been one of those months I’m afraid. Although not common, the needle can become damaged in the holders and a quick replacement is the answer. Doreen has a couple of solutions here (us not being one of them).

Keurig customer service can contacted and they will sometimes send you a new one, FREE! Not always, must depend on who you get on the phone, but we have heard back from readers who have had a free portion pack holder sent out to them.

Keurig’s customer support team can be contacted, toll-free, on: 1-800-361-5628 (for Canadian residents). For those in the USA their number is: 866‑901‑BREW (866‑901‑2739).

If Keurig “don’t play ball”, then these holders don’t cost much and can be purchased from ebay or amazon for around $6.

Photo of a a new K Cup portion pack holder

We would like to just add that as much as we would like to be in a position to send out spare parts to people, we feel that’s probably beyond our resources. We don’t have anything to do with Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Inc, the owner of the Keurig brand, but we are hear instead to help with advice and information about repairing defective Keurig brewers.