Keurig Coffeemaker is Not Pumping Water

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Is there a repair facility in the Orange County California area where I may take my broken coffee maker?


Unfortunately with Keurig coffee makers there are no services set-up to help fix their machines. When we have looked at this ourselves we found the cost of having someone look at it, work out what is wrong, buy the part and then repair it was nearing the price of a new machine. This is actually one of the motivations for us in starting our former site and then changing names to this one.

Jean doesn’t mention which model of Keurig she has, but some solutions which she could try include:

1 Keurig Warranty

If the brewer is around a year old or less then using the warranty will get it replaced by Keurig with a new one sent out. No receipt etc is required, just the serial number (we have a short guide on this if you are having trouble finding it). See a recent comment from Carrie who had no trouble in getting her Keurig replaced.

Keurig’s customer support team can be contacted, toll-free, on: 1-800-361-5628 (for Canadian residents). For those in the USA their number is: 866‑901‑BREW (866‑901‑2739).

Graphic of a one year warranty

2. The Keurig Burp

The water pump can become blocked or restricted in its operation. The Keurig Burp or Slap can help get it working again, with little trouble. This doesn’t work for everyone, but many find it has been a big help in getting the machine back pumping again. Check out our guide here, which sets out the easy to follow steps.

See a recent comment at the end of the burp and slap page where Kimberly get her Keurig machine back working again. She was well pleased!

A firm and gentle slap on the side of a Keurig

3. Water Pump Replacement

We aren’t sure from Jean’s brief description whether it’s a water or air pump problem. A water pump problem will generally show itself through the brewer not being able to take water from the water reservoir (so the water level stays about the same) and place it into the boiler unit for heating.

We have a detailed, step-by-step, guide with photos and descriptions, for replacing the water pump.

Photo of a water pump assembly removed from a B60 brewer

4. Air Pump Replacement

If the problem with is the isn’t dispensing water into the coffee cup, this is often the result of an air pump failure. If the burp or slap hasn’t worked, as mentioned in suggestion 2 above, then a water pump replacement will do the trick.

We have two detailed guides that can help with this process. The first is the air pump replacement, and as you will see the solenoid unit sits right next to this pump – which is the second guide you may wish to consult. We generally suggest that if you are replacing the air pump go for a new solenoid unit at the same time as a failure in this unit will also impact on the brewer’s ability to pump heated water from the boiler unit, into the K Cup and ultimately coffee into your coffee cup.

Replacing both pumps and the solenoid unit is what Terri had to do recently and we shared her story here. For around $35 she was able to get a brewer, that many would have thrown out, working again and like a new machine!

Photo of the air tube being placed back on the air pump

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