B70 Boiler Not Filling With Water

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I replaced the solenoid and the air pump on my B70 (both were badly rusted). The transformer and other solenoid do not seem damaged. Sometimes it will just pump water from the reservoir through the k-cup area non-stop. If I start it without the reservoir, I can get to the menu and attempt to brew. When I put the handle down, it says it’s ready and I am able to attempt a brew but nothing really comes out. I can see that the water level in the internal tank is never rising high enough to reach even the small cup sensor (weird that it says ready to brew). I am thinking the root problem is that the valve is not opening to fill the internal boiler tank. I am guessing the heater will not turn on until there is enough water in the boiler. I am thinking it might be the front solenoid – even though it doesn’t look rusted like my other one was. Just wondering if you have any other ideas.

Your website has some excellent information that I have found very helpful!



We received a really interesting email from Terri the other day, explaining a problem she is having with her B70 brewer. Having already replaced the air pump and solenoid unit the machine is still not correctly filling the boiler unit to make a cup of coffee.

The top of a boiler unit in a B60 brewer

Terri has ready replaced the two components we would recommend starting with. And she is correct in now looking at the other solenoid unit. The machine is not happy in its water pressure regulation and the solenoid units are used in this process. With the water not rising high enough in the boiler unit the machine is either receiving a mis-reading off its water level sensor or a mis-reading from the water pressure sensor.

Out of these two options we would attempt a correction in the water pressure area by replacing the other solenoid unit. This unit should have a feed into the main processor board, which helps the brewer work out the correct water pressure it needs to generate to deliver hot water into the K-Cup and then into your coffee cup.

If the solenoid replacement doesn’t work the next step for us would be looking at the main processor board itself. On this board is a FPN-07PG water pressure sensor (top left black and white box in the photo below) which is used by the machine in calculating the boiler water pressure. In conjunction with the correct water level the machine should then heat the water and build sufficient air pressure (using the air pump) to deliver the heated water to the K-Cup pod.

Photo of our B60 logic board and LCD on a glass table

Although sounding complicated the replacement of the processor (or logic) board isn’t too difficult. We have a guide that takes you through each step required and with the outer cover off already with a pump and solenoid replacement, the hard part is already done. A new board will cost between $10 to $20.

As more parts are replaced on a Keurig it does start to feel like Grandfather’s axe. However with a bit of time and some money, being a lot less than the cost of a new Keurig, most of these machines can be brought back to life to start making coffee again. Most people would have given up by now, so we were pleased to read Terri is determined to get to the bottom of why this B70 isn’t working. We’ll update this post with hopefully a happy ending for Terri and her B70.


We received the following response back from Terri with some excellent news!

Hello Andrew,

Thank you so much for your feed back!  I am happy to report that replacing the 2nd solenoid did the trick. For about $35 in parts, my Keurig is back up and running.  Well worth it in my opinion.  I would not have been able to do it without all the online help.

Thanks again!

We are so pleased to read Terri has her B70 back working again and we must say a big congratulations to her for sticking with it.

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