Machine Not Working

Photo of a water pump assembly removed from a B60 brewer




Machine just stopped pumping.


The email from Dennis yesterday doesn’t provide much detail as to which stage the brewer stopped pumping, so there could be one of two problems with the machine.

Water Pump Failure

If the brewer stopped pumping during the stage of filling the internal boiler unit by drawing water from the water reservoir, then the failure is most likely to be from the water pump. The sole purpose of this pump is to bring water from the reservoir and put it into the boiler unit for heating.

Before jumping into replacing the pump one could try a “Keurig Burp”. As you can see from the photo below the water pump sits at the bottom of the B60 range of machines (we don’t know which model Dennis has); and this is quite standard for most Keurig machines. Check out our article about this procedure for an air pump, but instead of the side of coffee maker apply the slap to the underneath.

Photo of a Keurig B60 Brewer Water Pump

If the burp doesn’t work then a replacement of the water pump is the best option. We have guide that will take you through this, explaining each step along the way. Our replacement parts page also provides you with information on the part you will need, which should cost around $13.00.

Air Pump Failure

If the pumping failure is during the process of bringing heated water from the boiler unit to the K-Cup pod, and finally into your coffee cup, then this suggests a problem with the air pump. The air pump builds the correct air pressure inside the boiler unit to move this hot water from there and inject it into the waiting K-Cup.

Photo of a detached air pump from a B60

A problem can occur when the air pump is under stress and cannot build the correct air pressure (which it works out with help from a solenoid and air pressure sensor). As with the water pump above, one can try a Keurig Burp before attempting a pump replacement. This link will take you through to our article that explains the simple procedure. We have found over time that for some readers this works, while for others it does not. It does depend on how bad the failure is in the pump.

A photo of the keurig burp on a K550 brewer

If the slap does not work then an air pump replacement is the next step. We have another guide that will help you with this repair.

Do not be put off by these suggested fixes for your Keurig. As Terri recently demonstrated, for a modest sum of $35 she managed to get her B70 brewer back working – when we suspect most people would have given up and either gone out and bought a new machine or changed brands. But with a little persistence and hard work Terri now has a “like new” Keurig that will hopefully give her many years of service ahead.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please get hold of us through the Contact Us page. We will try and get to you as quickly as possible. But we aren’t on the site everyday, so it can sometimes take us a few days.