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My machine is not working; frustrated.


Unfortunately we can’t provide Maryann with much advice with the information she has provided. When we receive these types of questions, or statements really, we would love to help but without more details we aren’t able to provide any guidance in what to do.

The type of information that we can work with includes:

  • which model of Keurig it is (all Keurig’s have this stamped on the metal base plate underneath);
  • at what stage of the process does the machine stop doing what it should do (eg, it doesn’t switch on, or makes a really bad noise during brewing, or a flashing blue light);
  • has it had any similar or other problems before;
  • how long have you had the brewer for; and
  • have you tried anything yet to fix it?

With this sort of information we can then narrow down what is going wrong and whether it’s a simple fix, complex repair or perhaps it might even still be under warranty.

So we hope Maryann will get back in touch (we’ll send her a link to this post) and we can then perhaps get her Keurig back into working order.

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