Single Brew Coffee Maker

Photo of a K550 making my morning cup of hot coffee




Trouble with dispensing coffee, only a few drops.


The problem that Jane describes does sound like a partial cup problem, ie a fault in the air pressure system inside the machine – most likely being caused by a fault with the air pump itself.

Photo showing you a Keurig air pump for a B60

The purpose of the air pump is to move the heated water from the brewer’s boiler unit, through the top housing, through the entry needle and into the K Cup that is in the holder. This then of course produces the coffee into your cup.

When there is only a few drops coming out, as Jane mentions, this means there is insufficient air pressure being generated by the pump to bring the water from the boiler unit all the way through to the coffee cup.

We have three proposed solutions for this problem and these are found over on our partial cup problem solving page.