Another Faulty 2.0 Brewer

Photo of K550 with water reservoir detached.




June 14, 2015.


I turned on the power button on my keurig it turned on and started heating then when I pressed the button to brew the blue light went out and the coffeemaker turned off. I can not get it to turn on, the light does not light up blue and I don’t hear the pump. I loved my Keurig and its less than a year old. Please replace it asap, I miss my coffee! Thanks, Kathleen


It’s not clear which model of Keurig Kathleen has, but we are assuming it’s probably one of the new 2.0 series. In any case, it is going to be covered by Keurig’s warranty and so in these cases we always recommend getting them to replace it with a new machine.

Photo of the Oops! message a Keurig 2.0 brewer displays with the wrong K-Cup

The reliability of these new 2.0 brewers is proving a real problem for Keurig and they must be losing customers left, right and center.

For Kathleen we recommend getting in touch with their customer service center and seek a new machine. All she will need is the serial number. We have a recent post which gives some pointers in dealing with their service team and also we have a short article on what is in a Keurig warranty that you need to know (along with the toll free number to call).

Please note that we have no association with Keurig Green Mountain Coffee (the owners of the Keurig brand). So unfortunately we can’t say what is repaired or replaced.


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