Keurig 2.0 200: add water

B60 Magnetic Water Sensor




June 16, 2015.


I just bought model 200. After the preheat, before brewing I get a add water display and I cannot brew the cup. I know there is at least 10 oz in the container plus whatever the preheat reservoir holds. Is this how this is supposed to work or should I return it while it is brand new?


What Maxie describes should not be happening with a new brewer. The Keurig machines measure their water levels through a magnetic coupling. There is a magnet on the water reservoir while inside the unit there is a magnetic sensor (see photo below from our trusty B60) – which is then connected to the main processing board (or the brains on the machine).

It sounds like there has been a breakdown in this signal. Sometimes (although we haven’t experienced this ourselves) the magnet on the water reservoir can get stuck and this will cause problems, ie it doesn’t rise or fall in line with the change in water level.

B60 Magnetic Sensor

So for Maxie, if the magnet on the water reservoir seems to be working ok it’s time for a new brewer. We could work through a magnet sensor replacement repair in this reply (which reminds me, I better get that draft repair guide finished this week), but it’s always better to utilize the warranty that covers the machine.

We would recommend giving Keurig Customer Service a call and asking for a replacement brewer. We had a few pointers on how to deal with them in an earlier article and another article looking into what your warranty covers you for is worth a quick look through too (it has the toll free number to call at the end).