Coffee Dripping

Photo of water running through the portion pack holder with no k cup




The only things that my coffee maker is doing is dripping. Not full cups.


The email today from Lonnie is most likely describing another air pump (as pictured below) failure in a Keurig brewer. None of the brewer’s we have heard about recently seem to have any problems in taking water from the reservoir and getting it heated. It all seems to fall apart when it comes to getting that heated water from the boiler unit and into the coffee cup; and this is the job of the air pump.

Photo showing you a Keurig air pump for a B60

Just earlier we wrote a response to Susan that mentioned our guidance material on partial cup brewing – which the dripping brewer problem that Lonnie describes is very similar to in that they share the same cause of fault. Lonnie doesn’t mentioned whether the machine drips all the time or just when trying to make a coffee; the latter being the most common problem we have come across.

The guidance material above addresses two solutions, the first being the Keurig Burp and the other an air pump replacement. We have material for both which can help over come a dripping brewer.

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