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My new Keurig 2.0 has stopped brewing coffee.  Please advise.


The best advice we have for people in June’s position is to get hold of Keurig’s Customer Service (toll-free number below) and ask for a replacement machine. At the moment all of the 2.0 series machines we are asked about still come within Keurig’s one year warranty. Although we think this warranty should be much longer, one year it is at the moment.

Photo of K550 with water reservoir detached.

The other day we responded to Connie’s email and provided some points to think about before calling the help line. However in June’s case it should be quite straight forward with the brewer most likely still being within warranty cover.

1-866-901-BREW (2739)


As we mentioned to Connie it may also be of benefit to have a look at our article that provides an overview of what is in the warranty, so that you are familiar with its contents.

Something we are going to be looking at shortly is whether we can do more for people out there where their Keurig is older than a year and so now outside of warranty. We feel under consumer protection legislation at both federal and state levels we could put a package together where readers could put up a case of unfit for purpose where their Keurig has say broken down within two or three years. We’ll keep you posted on this as we look in to it more.


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