Kerrigan Coffee Maker

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This is the second coffee maker we have bought. The computer is out again. I will never buy your brand of products again. Sorry product.


We received this email from Tom today; quite unhappy with his coffee machine. Although we can’t really help out much as we haven’t used a Kerrigan brewer before; so we aren’t to sure what type of machine that is. In any case we aren’t able to give any advice in solving the problem Tom is having with the machine.

The other day we responded to an email from Maryann and the type of information that can really help us to get to the bottom of what is going wrong with a machine. The more details people can offer the more we can do.

The other point we would like to make is we actually don’t have anything to do with Keurig Green Mountain Coffee (the owners of the Keurig brand) or any other coffee manufacturers. We are here to help you the best we can to get your brewer back into action. Just like you, we are at the mercy of Keurig’s very limited warranty and lack of meaningful help.

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