Keurig Mini Half Cup

Photo of a bright green K10 brewer




My small Keurig is only making 1/2 a cup of coffee, even though I am putting water in for a full cup. I have cleaned my unit with vinegar water several times but still only get 1/2 cup of coffee.  It is the smallest Keurig that you make.  I think it is the one you had a recall on because it spit hot water at people.


The problem that Susan describes is most likely being caused by a failure in the brewer’s air pump. The purpose of this pump is to build and maintain air pressure, which is then used to move heated water from the boiler unit to the K Cup portion back holder and then the coffee in to your cup. When there is a problem like the partial cup that Susan is experiencing, the partial failure of the air pump is usually the cause.

Photo of the air tube being placed back on the air pump

As we mentioned to Jane the other day, the replacement of the air pump is the normal solution. But a temporary fix can be the use of the Keurig Burp. Details about these solutions can be found on our guidance article that addresses the partial cup issue.

As always if the solutions aren’t of any help, get in touch with is using the Contact Us section and we can then see what to do next.