Leaking Water Around Base

Photo of the wire tie being attached to intake tubing and water pump




Started leaking water around base. Otherwise it is working well. Any ideas on what we can do to stop it making a mess?  Thanks


We have noticed over the years that types of Keurig problems are a little bit like London Buses. Nothing comes along for a while and then they all turn-up at once.

Photo of a London Bus

In the last few weeks we have had a number of emails from readers with the same problem of their brewer’s leaking around the base. From our experience the main culprit of this problem is leakage from the water pump. This can be from the pump itself and its seals or the connections in to the pump coming from the water reservoir.

Photo of a B60 water pump assmbly detached from the brewer frame

In any case we find the best solution is to replace the whole pump, and its tubing (which normally comes with it). This will ensure all the potential seal leaks are covered off by the repair.

The hardest part in getting the repair done is removing the outer casing of the Keurig. But not too worry as we have a two part video that takes you through this step-by-step. And once the case is off we have an easy to follow guide with all the steps (photos included) of removing the old water pump and putting in the new one.

A new water pump will cost around $15 to $20 and can be purchased through eBay.com (a site we use for most of our spare part purchases). The photo below has a link to the site with appropriate options to choose from, or you can go over to our spare parts page and find more details there.

Photo of a water pump to fir a B60 brewer

And failing all of that if you get stuck along the way we are always available via our Contact Us page to answer any questions.



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