No Power to the Machine

Photo of a power transformer from a Keurig B60 brewer




The other morning I pushed the power button on my Keurig and I had no power.  Friends of mine told me it is a common occurrence with these machines and it is now a throw away.  Before I throw mine out I want to know if this  throw away statement is true, or is there a breaker or something that has blown and can be reset.


The issue that Arthur is facing relates to a power transformer failure. Not an uncommon problem with these Keurig brewers, largely do to what we think is a basic design flaw in the machines.

Photo of a power transformer for a keurig brewer

The transformer unit sits at the bottom of the Keurig brewer. Which is fine and not an unreasonable place to put it. The problem is they have then gone and put a whole pile of things that can leak above it, which unfortunately for the poor transformer is not good news.

So the simple answer to Arthur’s question is no, the transformer is probably shot. However; if the brewer and the money are worth saving then it can be fixed (we had to do this very repair on our trusty B60), with a transformer placement.

We have a repair guide just for this very thing and this takes you through the process, one step at a time. Worth checking out to see whether some time and a few dollars are worth it. Also have a look over at our parts repair page for more details to look out for in buying a transformer and the prices they sell for.