Mini Brewer Shutting Off

Photo of the air tube being placed back on the air pump




I have not used my brewer for a few months.  I tried to use it but the water did not come through. I tried looking up the solution on your site but did not find the one cup brewer.  The back of the brewer feels warm so it must be heating up but then it shuts off.  I tried what you solution says by holding the on/off button but that did not work.  The blue light blinks and then goes off after pushing the on button.


The problem Elizabeth describes sounds like an air pump or solenoid issue with the mini Keurig. The purpose of this pump is get the heated water out of the boiler unit and into your coffee cup (while passing through the K Cup holder).

Photo of a Keurig K10 brewer

Other than trying the Keurig Burp process, you can find more information here in our guide, we can’t offer much help with a Keurig mini brewer as we don’t have any guidance material yet to help in getting the cover off and repairing which ever component has failed inside.

As we mentioned to Andrew back on June 3rd, (he was asking about any guidance material on this very issue), we haven’t covered the K-10 series of brewers yet, will get onto this later in the year.

This of course is of no help to Elizabeth right now, so our only advice, if the burping doesn’t work, is to get hold of Keurig Customer Service and see what they suggest. As we mentioned in our reply to Connie earlier in the month, even if your machine is outside the warranty period it’s still worth pushing for a new brewer. We have had customers with brewers out to three years getting replacement machines. And this is the sort of time period we feel Keurig should be covering their machines for.