Prime Message Repeating

Photo of a Keurig B70 with the prime error




I received a keurig for my birthday year and half ago,  I keep getting “prime”  and even after disconnecting, cleaning and following steps in your website I am continuing to have the same problem. Please help me.


The prime message must be one the worse Keurig issues that we come across in terms of people not being able to apply a consistent repair that works all the time (ie, the problem seems to come up for a wide variety of issues). Other than the couple of solutions we offer in our guidance material on the prime message, the only other step that can sometimes work is the Keurig Burp. This approach is really designed for an air pump problem (and sometimes it will fix a water pump issue too) but we have heard back from some readers where this has helped solve the prime issue.

Another thing to try is what posted the other day in what she found worked for her. Fortunately Cherly got a new machine our of Keurig, but with the old machine they didn’t want back she still finds this work. Check it out in the comments section of our Prime Error page.