Coffee Problems – Only 2 Weeks Old

Graphic of a one year warranty




May 31, 2015


Please help this coffee maker is two weeks old and it will not work.


As we mentioned in our response to the recent question from Richard about problems with a brewer that was only three months old, our advice to Shawn in this case is just the same – and that is to take that brewer straight back to where he bought it and get replacement unit. Or get in contact with Keurig Customer Service. They “may” be able to help with a repair, but unless it’s as simple as it as not being plugged in, they will send out a brand new replacement brewer. Don’t worry if you don’t have the receipt, all you need is the serial number (which we have a short guide that helps you locate it).

As we have written many times on this site, if your brewer is still covered by Keurig’s one year warranty always go for this rather than attempt any repair.