Keurig Machine Won’t Start

Photo of a B40 Keurig Brewer with Top Handle cover removed


Mary Ann


June 1, 2015


The machine says “auto off set”… No other lights and when I push menu it won’t pull anything else up…is it dead?


The question from Ann is not one we have seen before and so it poses a few problems. There could be a few different things wrong with the brewer.

The most likely of these faults is either the LCD (screen) or the processor board that it is connected to – in effect this is the brains to the brewer – has developed a fault. When these electronics get themselves messed up there is unfortunately no master reset switch to reset it all and get back to the beginning. As the photo below shows the insides of the machine are quite complex (perhaps over so) and there is not way getting the brains back to the beginning of their processing loop.

Photo of the back of a Keurig B60 processing board

A couple of solutions may get this Keurig back into working Order.

Solution One – The Keurig Burp

The Keurig burp or slap is an amazing, although crude, solution to a number of different Keurig faults. It is designed to work in getting pumps and solenoids back into action but it does sometimes help the processor board reset.

It’s a cheap and nothing to lose approach and we have a short guide that will step you through this quick process.

A photo of the keurig burp on a K550 brewer

Solution Two – LCD Processor Board Replacement

The second solution is a lot more involved and would require some time and costs in placing the LCD and electronics board. The cost of the screen and board is surprisingly cheap at between $10 to $20. So not a lot of outlay compared to buying a new coffee brewer.

But its the replacement job itself that puts most people off. We do have a guide to step you through the process and if we can do it then most people can. Follow this link for help in getting this replaced.