Problems with Brand New Keurig

Photo of a complaint key on a keyboard




June 1, 2015


I’m so upset the new one my daughter got me is only 3 months old I had problems with other but I had them over a year just got another one this one that the water only drips out slowly and you can;t hear the motor I really love the Keurig’s but I’m changing my mind a lot of people I talk to are complaining what could be done for this


Lorraine’s email to us unfortunately is not uncommon at the moment in regards to the reliability of the new 2.o Keurig brewers. They are certainly very stylish looking machines, and our K550 looks great in our kitchen; but they are causing real problems for loyal Keurig customers.

The motor noise that Lorraine mentions in her email will either be the water or air pump that is no working correctly. Although the most common fault we come across with the 2.0 range of brewers is around the LCD (or screen), the pumps are proving some what of a problem too.

Without getting inside the machine to see which pump is causing this issue, and because the machine is still under warranty, we don’t recommend any repairs to be carried out on Lorraine’s latest Keurig but rather she tempt fate and ask for a new machine as the current brewer is less than a year old it and will be covered by Keurig’s one year warranty (although we think the warranties should be for a longer period).

At the rate of faults we are seeing each day with these new brewers Keurig will be losing good customers who enjoy their coffee, but shouldn’t have to put up with defective machines.