Touch Screen is White Keurig 2.0

Photo of the LCD and top of a K550 coffee maker




June 3, 2015


The screen on my 2.0 is white and can not tell the directions if it is on or off or what size of cup I am brewing.  How do I go about fixing this defect in my Keurig?


The LCD or screen on the new 2.0 Keurig machines does seem to be causing the biggest problems for customers. Although a lot more basic in the information display, the older K Cup brewers were a lot more reliable.

Photo of the screw that holds the right side of the handle on

The problem with Diana’s brewer cannot easily be fixed without a complete replacement of the LCD and the electronics that lay behind it. We recommend to readers in these cases to get hold of Keurig and seek a replacement brewer. Not a discount on a new one, nor a repair, but a brand new one!

Check out our earlier post where we set out some dot points to follow in talking with Keurig’s customer support team and the experience other reader have had with them.

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