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Toggle switch on Keurig Platinum must be toggled 20 times or more before unit will turn on. Any fix?


Denise wrote to us the other day asking about what can done to help with a fickle toggle (power on/off) switch on her B70 (Platinum) brewer.

The two solutions we can think of for this, having not come across it before and we have a B60 with the power button on the top above the LCD.

Solution 1 – Switch Replacement

With the outer casing off the B70 the replacement of the power switch doesn’t look too hard. Unfortunately we don’t have a guide on this and so can’t offer the steps to its replacement. The switch connects into the main power control board and so is easily disconnected from this. The wires just then need to be fed through and the plastic switch itself disconnected from the brewer.

The part you are looking for is shown below. It can be purchased from either eBay or amazon, we found eBay was cheaper – priced between $5 to $10.

B70 Power Swtich

Our guide and two part video series might provide some help in what to look out for in removing the outer casing to a B70.

Solution 2 – Power Transformer Replacement

We would think solution 1 would fix the issue and is where we would start. If there were still problems after this then damage has been caused to the transformer unit and this will need to be replaced. We do have a replacement guide for this with a full description and photos and this can be accessed here.

Photo of a power transformer for a keurig brewer

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  • Sylvain Baril ,

    Hi Denise,

    I need a replacement on/off switch for a B155

    Do you have 1 in stock and how much with shipping to canada?