Will Not Turn On

Photog of a B60 transformer unit on a table




I have a Keurig coffee maker that is about 3-4 years old; it will not power up.


The email from Deborah describes what sounds like a power transformer failure. As we mention in our article suggesting Keurig needs to extend its warranty out to three years (not just the one year that they currently have). This would enable people like Deborah to have a replacement machine without the hassle of repair or replacement.

Photo of a power transformer for a keurig brewer

The failure of the transformer can be the result of a number of causes. Normally it is the transformer itself that fails and the common reason for this is moisture contamination. Other things that can go wrong with this is a failure on the power control board that has blown a resistor or capacitor.

Photo of the LCD connecting wire back on the power board

No matter which type of these failures has occurred the only way of getting the brewer back into action is a parts replacement. Our parts replacement page provides a comprehensive list, including a power transformer and power control board. Please do make sure when purchasing parts it is compatible with your version of Keurig. The model number is always imprinted underneath on the bottom of the base plate.

Photo of a B60 model Keurig and its base plate details

The only way to find which part has failed is to get inside the machine and have a look. We have guidance material for this looking at outer case removal and transformer replacement.

Without going through this type of repair work I’m afraid the only other option for Deborah is to be buying a new brewer. Contacting Keurig Customer Service will normally bring the offer of a discount off a new machine, which is better than nothing (admittedly, not much better). Their team can be contacted on toll-freeĀ 1-866-901-BREW (2739).


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