White Screen of Death

The 2.0 brewer all fixed and ready to brew




This morning the white screen of death was present on the 2.0. Unplugged unit, the screen went to half white/black with the power indicator on left side.  Unplugged unit again with same results, no matter how long it was unplugged.


The white screen problem Elliott is having with his machine is one we are seeing more often now with the 2.0 machines. With older or classic Keurig brewer’s it was more often than not pump failures, but with these new ones it seems to be the screens. Other issues we have seen include the touch function no longer working or only working for part of the screen.

Our first recommendation for anyone with a 2.0 brewer is to check whether they are still under warranty. If the machine is around a year old then you will be covered and Keurig will send out a new machine. They don’t bother fixing these things, and we know why; as they aren’t easy to repair. And we still believe they should be doing more here for their customers, for example extending the warranty out to three years. If the machines are as good as they say they are they having nothing to worry about.

The 2.0 brewer all fixed and ready to brew

If outside of warranty a complete screen repair is the next option, although not an easy task. The screen setup is a much more complicated compared to the older machines and it is a mission in replacing it with a new one. However we are in the middle of writing a repair guide for this very thing for the 2.0 brewers, as our current guide is for the older machines. We should have this out in the next few weeks.

Photo of the blue LCD and cup size selection buttons

Other than that there isn’t much more that can be done. These machines don’t have a reset function to get it back to factory setting or a reboot like your computer.

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